Outsource Lite FAQ

What is Outsource Lite?

Outsource Lite is a software development outsourcing initiative that allows SMB's to take advantage of 3X cost reductions over onshore system deliveries. Many SMB's that have looked into software development outsourcing have encountered the fact that many providers will not look at small projects. SMB's are looking for a quality vendor managed delivery that they can participate in as a customer to get their small, but important project delivered. Outsource Lite is that service, providing the right amount of flexibility, scalability, and risk management to your project to ensure it's successful delivery!

How does the process work?

Outsource Lite is an Application Delivery process targeted towards smaller projects with smaller budgets that SMB's can use effectively to test the efficacy of working with an outsourcing partner. It uses the same process as our Application Delivery process, albeit with some reduction in the areas of planning and architecture, due to the smaller size of the project. The first step in the process is Project Scoping Lite, a free 3 day consultation that results in a report that identifies:

  • Project High Level Requirements
  • Recommended Approach
  • Costs and Schedules

Throughout Outsource Lite, customers will get a good feel for how the process is governed, including project management, communications, requirements development, software delivery, ticketing and bug fix, and final deployment.

What types of projects are suitable for Outsource Lite?

Projects that are relatively small, reasonably self-contained, and which deliver immediate ROI for the customer are perfect projects for testing the waters with Outsource Lite. For example, an ideal project could be delivered, from requirements to production, by a small offshore team in one or more Agile Sprints over a period of 2 weeks to 2 months. Strangely enough, another type of project that is eminently suitable for Outsource Lite is a Proof of Concept (POC). For example, companies today are looking for ways to exploit the power of Big Data technology in their businesses. Success stories abound, yet many SMB's are unsure of how to get started. RJB successfully implemented a Big Data POC in 2016 that enabled the customer to go to a full Big Data implementation after the concept had been proved. These are just a few ideas - contact us today to discuss your project.

Is RJB a Staffing agency?

Actually our business model is quite different. We are not a staffing agency, we are a software development shop. RJB uses a permanent team made up of individuals that are expert in the technologies we work with, and expert in the processes we use to deliver software. They have worked together successfully on previous software deliveries, and work as a cohesive team. We specialize in specific technologies, and do not take on projects in technologies where we are not proficient. When we say we can do the job at a certain cost and schedule, we know what we are talking about. We don't rent staff on a Time & Materials basis.

Staffing agencies provide resources to customers by way of resumes. For programmers hired by the customer, they deal with Philippines related matters such as payroll, legal etc.. Some staffing agencies provide an on-premise workstation to contract staff, and a desk to sit at. In that model, described here, the customer (you) are the contractor. Staffing has it's role in the grand scheme of things, particularly for overflow staffing, and small assignments that may require only 1 or 2 programmers. It is a challenge to build an entire team from individuals who have never met each other, who have no particular development culture, and are not familiar with the processes and tools required to manage the project.

Can I visit your office?

In a word: Yes! The goal of Outsource Lite is to build trust through a low risk startup project. Introducing customers to our smart, charismatic and all-around-awesome staff has always been a plus in that regard. We also recognize that one of the goals of an Outsource Lite project is to be cost effective. To that end, we typically focus on minimizing travel costs through the use of video conferencing technology. For larger projects, we strongly recommend that customer Subject Matter Experts (SME's) spend time with the team. See the operation, meet the people, check out Makati, and get involved with the Agile development team. We describe this process in detail in our Onshore-Offshore Model. As you can see, we not only encourage visits to our offices in Philippines, we strongly recommend it for medium-large size projects!