Bringing the Outsourcing Market to SMB's

If you wanted to outsource a software development project today, your company would fall into one of three categories:

  • You have a medium or large project that meets the minimum budget threshold for a large outsourcing firm.

  • You have a strong in-house software team, with a strong culture and proven processes. You can augment your team with offshore staffing, and rely on your team to manage the offshore resources.

  • You're stuck. You have a small project and no in-house software team.

General Managers of Asian outsourcing shops indicate that a budget of $250-300K USD is their low end for accepting projects.

Enter Outsource Lite

  • Factory Direct Pricing - eliminate the overhead of the middleman.

  • No Sales People - deal directly with Managers and Engineers who will build your system.

  • Streamlined Application Delivery Process - start small, deliver ROI quickly and efficiently.

  • Consistent Results, Easy to Use - our cohesive factory teams beat staffing any day of the week.

Get StartedCompare

Try Outsource Lite Today. No Commitment!

Outsource Lite is a vendor managed software outsourcing initiative that allows SMB's to take advantage of 3X cost reductions over onshore system deliveries. The philosophy is pretty simple: we want to lower the commitment and reduce the risk, so that SMB's feel comfortable enough to test the waters with an outsourcing partner.

Comparison Matrix

Staffing RJB Outsource Lite RJB App. Delivery Non-RJB App. Delivery
Project Budget
$5K - 25K
$25K - 250K
$250K - 1M
Vendor Managed SDLC
Combined Agile / Waterfall
Contract / Service Agreements (SLAs)
IP & Data Security
Quality Certifications
Business Continuity Plan
Process Maturity

- Indicates support on a vendor by vendor basis.

"RJB Technology has been a fantastic partner for us and are incredibly flexible to our needs. Whether it's scaling development effort, providing technical expertise, or consulting on process improvements RJB has provided great service and helped us vastly improve our development efficiency"VP of Technology, Governance, Risk Management & Compliance

How Does It Work?

The first step in the process is Project Scoping Lite, a FREE 3 day consultation that results in a report that identifies:

  • Project Hi Level Requirements

  • Recommended Approach

  • Cost, Schedule and Risk

This is a zero commitment deliverable - if you don't like our recommendations, walk away. If you choose to proceed, the next step is an Agile implementation as outlined here.

Assessing the Results

Once your Outsource Lite project is completed, you will have the opportunity to objectively assess the results on your own terms. Once again, no sales people will be involved trying to drum up another project. That part is entirely up to you. If you are pleased with the outcome, you might want to engage for another Outsource Lite project, or graduate up to a full Application Delivery. The only difference between the two relates to the size of the project, which affects some of the planning activities and other project controls.

Start your company outsourcing program off on the right foot with Outsource Lite. Work with a successful partner, and don't hesitate to get in touch for your outsourcing needs.