Start-Up! A Joint Venture between and RJB Technology

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Start-Up! A Joint Venture between and RJB Technology

In January 2018, RJB took start-up live! The project started in September 2017, initially based on a prototype. RJB took that prototype, developed new features and and deployed to the Cloud - all in time for a Valentines Day grand opening!

Today Signed is a thriving business with its sights set on becoming a world-wide operation. Already it's a huge success world-wide with ex-pats, as a fantastic way to send cards to loved ones at home from overseas.

This successful project is part of RJB's vision of working with startups and Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMB's) to realize their own visions and help make them successful! We call it Start-Up! is an American e-commerce vendor that sells greeting cards from independent artists with your personalized message in your own handwriting. The process is quite simple. Simply choose a card, write your personal message on a blank piece of paper, snap a photo with your mobile phone - and voila! The message appears on the card. Proceed to checkout and supply the name and address of the recipient - and the process is complete. The card will arrive at the recipients address at the specified time with your personal message inside in your own handwriting.

Jerry McLaughlin, CEO and Founder of, says "Signed allows shoppers to write any message inside the greeting card in their own handwriting and then have us drop that real, signed card into the US Mail a few minutes later."

Side by Side Writing
Side by side reproduction of a signature on a Signed birthday card. contracts with independent card designers (artists) who create new card designs for any occasion. The artists utilize a built-in administration facility to manage their inventory of cards on the site.

Introducing Start-Up!

Start-Up! is a vendor managed software outsourcing initiative that allows startups and SMB's to take advantage of 3X cost reductions over onshore system deliveries. The philosophy is pretty simple: we want to lower the commitment and reduce the risk, so that startups and SMB's feel comfortable enough to test the waters with an outsourcing partner.

Start your company outsourcing program off on the right foot with Start-Up!. Work with a successful partner, and don't hesitate to get in touch for your outsourcing needs.

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